What is eezysmile™ system?
Eezysmile™  system is an innovative and invisible solution to correct tooth malpositions.  The process of wearing a series of clear, removable aligners that gradually straighten your teeth. No brackets and wires, and none of the restrictions that come with metal braces. 

Eezysmile™ is designed and manufactured close to you, in the heart of Europe. You can start professional treatment faster and for affordable costs then even before.

Eezysmile™ clear aligners are made of a certified thermoplastic material FDA and EU approved. No BPA, BPS, latex, or gluten contain. They are thin, clear, made by the newest 3D technologies. They fit perfectly over your teeth, making them almost invisible.
How will eezysmile™ work for my smile
Your doctor eezysmile provider will create your digital treatment plan to visualize the exact movements of your teeth to the desired outcome.  Your eezysmile clear aligners are then designed to apply the right amount of force and step by step move your teeth to the right place.  During regular visit your doctor will monitor your progress and ensure your aligners fit correctly.
Is eezysmile system right for me?

Yes! Eezysmile aligners are a great solution for both adults and teens looking for a new smile. It can be  used to treat  nearly all common teeth-straightening and bite issues, from simple to complex — all with comfort and enjoy  your life. 

What is the treatment process?

Eezysmile process starts with a consultation with doctor - an eezysmile provider. Your doctor will evaluate your situation and then provide you customized digital treatment plan that visualized the step-by-step change of your smile. After agreement eezysmile aligners are produced just for you within 3-4 days and delivered to your doctor’s ambulance immediately.   

How long will treatment take?

The length of treatment depends on complexity of your case and how often you wear your aligners. Your doctor will determine exactly how long your treatment will take based on your specific needs. In average treatment time is 7 to 18 months. Thanks to eezysmile local production you can start your treatment within 3-4 days after approval and have a new smile sooner by several weeks. You can appreciate this benefit when you want to have your dream smile on your the BIG day – wedding, start new job –  in coming months.  

How many hours per day should I wear my aligners?

For the best results, wear your eeysmile  clear aligners 20 to 22 hours a day, remove them during meals,  drinking,  tooth brushing  and flossing.

How often will I change aligners?

It can vary based on your individual case. Your doctor will give you instructions how often you should change to new aligners. Many doctors recommend changing eezysmile  clear aligners biweekly , in some case weekly. 

Is eezysmile treatment painful?

Eezysmile moves your teeth by gentle, constant force, but some people describe a mild sensation of pressure for the first days of wearing a new set of aligners.  This is completely normal, since the teeth have to get used to their new position initially. It is a sign that your eezysmile aligners are working on your new smile. 

How is eezysmile treatment different than other teeth straightening options?
The differences between eezysmile and traditional metal braces are enormous and varied. From an aesthetic point of view, visible metal wires and metal brackets must be mentioned first and foremost. While transparent eezysmile aligners regulate malpositioned teeth practically invisibly, metal brackets and wires are always visible. Wearing eezysmile is particularly comfortable and almost painless due to applying the gentle force. The adjustment of metal braces on the other hand is sometimes painful, and wearing metal braces daily can be uncomfortable. With clear aligners you don’t need to change the way you brush and floss. And, you can continue to eat all your favourite foods.

 In addition, eezysmile aligners allow for very natural and clear pronunciation thanks to their well thought-out form.
Are there any restrictions on what I can eat while in treatment?

No. Since eezysmile aligners can be removed every time you eat, and even for small snacks, there are no foods that you cannot eat.

Is treatment with eezysmile good for my health?

Beautiful and healthy teeth give you a radiant smile and thus brighten your outlook on life. They also support the health of your internal organs and the appearance of skin and hair. Healthy, well-maintained teeth prevent the build-up of bacteria in the mouth and protect the stomach from diseases.

How much does eezysmile treatment cost?

This depends on the type and severity of the case. Thanks to eezysmile local production   costs can be lower than other clear aligners’ brands.  Based on experience cost can vary from 890 € to 3590€ depends on size of malocclusion. You will receive an individual cost plan from your eezysmile provider before the treatment starts.

Can I order aligners from the eezysmile directly?

All new aligners, replacements, retainers must be ordered through your eezysmile provider, as they are considered a prescription item. Please contact your doctor directly if you want to start treatment, order a replacement or retainer.

Will I need to wear a retainer after treatment to prevent my teeth from moving again?

Most probably yes. Most doctors  recommend that anyone who has completed orthodontic treatment, whether with braces or eezysmile treatment, use a retainer to prevent teeth from gradually shifting back toward their initial position. Every case is different, so ask your doctor if you need retainers.

What type of retainer should I use?

There are many types of retainers, eezysmile retainers will be custom-made from an impression or scan of your teeth using the same state-of-the-art technology as for eezysmile clear aligners. Retainers are made from a material 50% stronger than standard   clear aligner materials, which helps you keep your new smile.  

How do I order eezysmile retainers?

You can order retainers through your doctor.

How long will I have to wear my eezysmile  retainers?

Your doctor will give you specific instructions on how often you need to wear your retainers. 

Lost or broke your eezysmile aligner or retainer? 

If you lose or break your eezysmile retainers, or simply run out, just get in touch with your doctor. Your doctor can work with you on purchasing a new set of eezysmile retainers, so you can keep showing off that smile!

How to clean my aligners?

Brush them with toothbrush and mouth-water and rinse them in lukewarm water. Never use hot water on your aligners – it could permanently warp the plastic. Get in the habit of rinsing out your aligners when you remove them to eat, drink, and to brush your teeth. If this isn’t a common practice in your routine yet, strong smelling bacteria could start to form because of dry saliva and plaque build-up. Store the removed aligners in provided eezysmile case to keep them on clean and safe space.  We also recommend that you soak your aligners using denture cleaner. This will help keep them sanitized and clear!