the first Slovak Manufacturer of Clear Aligners

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eezysmile ™  brings you the world's technology closed to you,  directly to your doctor.  

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eezysmile  is made just for you and you are the star who can afford new smile.    



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You can start the treatment  with   eezysmile quickly and enjoy a new smile in just a few months. 

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Visit your doctor, ask about eezysmile and start smiling.



Why eezysmile?


With eezysmile you can start a professional correction a few days after the plan is approved. You do not have to wait weeks for treatment to begin. eezysmile aligners, made with the latest 3D technologies at a top workplace in Slovakia, are available almost immediately. Safe, reliable and fast. Get a smile faster than ever .  


eezysmile aligners are comfortable, made 2 mm above the line of your gums, so they sit better and work effectively on your new smile. Discreet and persistent. In addition, they are less painful than traditional wires and brackets. 


You too can afford them. Made in Slovakia, top 3D technology. Close to your doctors. Affordable like never before.


Ask your doctor if clear aligners are right for you and start smiling. Now.


I want  eezysmile   

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1. Find a provider

eezysmile based on the instructions of your doctor's provider, will make aligners just 
for you. If your primary dentist does not offer eezysmile™, write to us. We will help you find an  eezysmile™ provider in your area.

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2. Consult it

eezysmile provider takes photos, digital scans or dental impressions of your teeth. These records are used to create a treatment plan. After its approval, eezysmile ™ aligners are made just for you and delivered to the doctor within 3-5  days. 

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3. Wear your aligners

You wear your aligners 22 hours a day, 7 days a week and follow a schedule agreed with your doctor. Until you get your dream smile.

What you get

eezysmile box  

Contains Clear Aligners for each of steps, set of Retainers which keeps your new smile after treatment,  Instructions Brochure, Small  Box to store your aligners during eating safety and  Aligner Removal Tool. All in eezysmile bag. Made just for You. 

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                 Want to start treatment ? Write us  region or city and we will find for you suitable provider.